Looking for private piano lessons in Boston, MA? Boston Piano Lessons offers in-home piano lessons for adults and kids. Sign up for piano lessons in Boston, MA.

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Who we are

Looking for in-home piano lessons in Boston? Turn to the experts at Boston Piano Lessons! The same group of local music teachers who brought you Boston Drum Lessons is proud to begin offering in-home piano lessons for Boston's best budding musicians. Boston Piano Lessons brings a private music school directly to your home, making it convenient for anyone to sign up and receive piano lessons. Our expert piano teachers are all professional musicians. Highly trained and educated, each instructor is selected not just for their ability as pianists but also based on their artistic contributions and involvement in the Boston music scene. Plain and simple, our teachers play in bands of many diverse music genres. And it’s this real world experience that allows Boston Piano Lessons to offer you some of the best piano lessons in Boston.

How we teach

All of our expert piano teachers have autonomy to cater their lessons to each student's unique needs, interests and desires. So, when you sign up for piano lessons in your home, our piano instructors will create and bring customized teaching plans that will help their students grow not only as pianists, but as musicians. Some of the domains of piano and music students will study are, but not limited to: arrangement of the keyboard, music theory, harmony, melody, rhythm, technique, coordination, reading music, musical studies, song learning, song writing, improvisation, music production, keyboards/synthesizers/software instruments, and much more!

Our goal with customized music lessons is for students to learn that playing their instrument is a tool for their own self expression -- in whatever shape or form that may take. We are a passionate community of musicians and want our students to feel educated, inspired and entertained in every piano lesson with us. Because without a balanced combination of fun and enjoyment with our hard work focused on improvement and growth, we lose our passion. With customized music lessons we hope that never happens.  


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All ages and skill levels welcome

Boston Piano Lessons is pleased to welcome students of all ages and skill levels into our growing family of musicians. Whether you're a parent searching for "piano lessons for kids near me," or you're an adult interested in pursing a new hobby or improving at your current piano practice, our Greater Boston private music teachers are ready to help guide your progress and musical development.

When we begin piano lessons for kids, we make it our mission to help your child succeed in their school music education programs, all while building confidence and finding their passion. For adult piano lessons, we'll show you how to play with more structure and guidance. We understand that learning to play the piano can be challenging, so we'll be there to guide you every step of the way.

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